White Hart, Ford, Wiltshire   2 comments

White Hart Ford door

Except for a pedestrian flyover to cross a motorway, the journey from Chippenham seemed to be dead flat (although there was a gentle upward gradient that was nice to have in my pocket on the return trip).  The last mile into Ford should have been lined with steep grade warnings, though, as I dropped precipitously into the valley and sped right past the car park of the White Hart.  Rectifying this, I entered and met two surprised looking wait staff in a grand old inn.

from the website of the White Hart

from the website of the White Hart


“We’re not serving, yet.” Those words are the bane of my existence.
“No? But it’s nearly 11. Your web site says you open at 10.”
“Does it? We start at 11. Would you like something while you wait? A glass of water?”
Hiding my contempt, I replied “I’d rather a beer…”
“Of course, I can get you a beer. Right this way.” At the bar, I was spoilt for choice but I spotted this and HAD to have it:

White Hart Ford Soul Train

It is remote and it was early so I had the place largely to myself.  It is a proper inn and I could imagine an overnight stay just to explore the buildings (it continues across the road); but, I was on a timetable and only about 1/3 done with the run so it was time to climb the hills and head toward Castle Combe.  Here’s the map.

White Hart Ford hearth


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