Bell Inn, Buckland Dinham, Somerset   1 comment

Bell Buckland Dinham

In typical fashion, I got lost after my second pub stop and wound up running miles off course so my planned stops would have to wait for another day as I tried desperately to still make the last bus from Trowbridge that would get me home by 4.  But, with two hours left and only 10 miles to go I decided to give the Bell a bit of custom, the third 16th century alehouse of the day (after the Woolpack and the Sun).

The landlord was especially friendly but it seemed to be a real effort as though he was having an exceptionally shitty day and didn’t want to share it with the punters (although I may be misreading that entirely as this freakish, sweaty American may have just rattled the poor man).  Anyway, the Butcombe was superb and the break was helpful.  They host the annual Buckfest in August and the place has featured on some ghost hunting sites.

Here’s the map.

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