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2015-05-24 running chart for the week

Monday was a rest day and I felt great until about 2pm then suddenly (over the course of about five minutes) came down with chills and severe body aches that abated overnight but recurred most of the week. It was during one of these bouts that I seem to have been ordained as a Minister of Dudeism:

Dudeism certificate

Tuesday and Thursday I hopped off bus at the outskirts of Besselsleigh and trundled into work logging a little more (one day) and a little less (the other) than 8 miles Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday I had to do the jog after work so just did a wee loop from the Swindon Cop Shop Bus Stop out toward the hospital and on home. Friday was another recovery day.

footpath gaurds near Bekington

Saturday was glorious out and I had planned 25-30 miles with pub stops in Frome and then some villages to the north on the loop back to Trowbridge but early on I did myself some knee damage and took an earlier-than-planned recovery stop in the Woolpack in Beckington (at about 6 miles into the run).  This set me back a little, timewise, so when I got to Frome I had several of the pubs on my shortlist to choose from (rather than just the one with 10 am doors);  the first of these I could find was the Sun which turned out to be an excellent choice for a tenth mile stop.  I skipped the maps and navigated out of town by dead reckoning but underestimated the distance I had travelled west of the settlements; rather than double back, I continued on to the village Mells then worked my way back to Trowbridge from there with a stop at the Bell in Buckland Dinham.  The countryside here seems rich with good drinking establishments so I will definitely cover more of this territory in the near future.

2015-05-23 Trowbridge Frome loop

I had planned 16-20 miles for Sunday but my back was having periodic muscle spasms and my knee, which I banged into a road barrier Saturday, was bruised and swollen.  Instead of the plan, I just stuck close to the homestead in case I needed to walk back.  After a mile or so, everything seemed to loosen up but I just couldn’t get motivated for more.  As I write this, a shooting back pain makes me think I made the right choice taking it easy…it’s the way of the Dude.

A lot of red jerseys out today...Swindon Town FC in a promotion final at Wembley this afternoon

A lot of red jerseys spotted on the 8 miler today…Swindon Town FC in a promotion final at Wembley this afternoon

Update on the match: Preston 4, STFC 0 … Swindon remain in League One another year.


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