Sun Inn, Frome, Somerset   3 comments

Sun Frome sign

Frome was a complete zoo as I ran into town Saturday morning and as soon as I saw a relatively empty street I escaped the bustle.  A few pedestrian walkways and small side streets later I spotted the sign of the Sun, one of the pubs I have short listed in Frome, and decided 10 miles was far enough to go for a pint (or, rather, 4 miles from the most recent one).  I picked up the nearly empty pint glass on the far left of the threshold and headed in, setting on the bar as I surveyed the offerings.

“Pint of Moles, in a clean one, please,” I said pushing the glass forward.  The assembled barflies laughed and the tender asked where I found the glass, then everyone commenced to do what they were doing before I turned their heads (there was no music on, but that line popped immediately to mind and haunted me the next twenty minutes or so).  I got the feeling that this bar doesn’t see a lot of unfamiliar faces but I never once felt like a stranger, either.  Talk of hangovers and drinking exploits from years and decades past bounced around the room where most of these events were initiated.

“Another?”  “Ooooo, I WANT one but I have miles and miles to go.”  “It’ll be here when you get back.”

Find it here: map link.


Sun Frome


Posted May 24, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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