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Fountain Inn Gloucester alley

We were in Gloucester for a bit of immigration paperwork that was supposed to take about 15 minutes and instead was finally finished 4 hours later.  Having just missed the 3:30 train we had a little more than an hour to kill and found the Fountain, a lovely 16th century hostelry down an alley off Westgate.

Fountain Inn Gloucester William on horseback

William of Orange, pictured above, took it upon himself to pay the Jacobite rebels meeting upstairs a visit by riding his horse in and screaming something like (I imagine), “Opzouten, klootzakken!”  [A more accurate depiction of the events might be found at this site.]  Fortunately for users of the “candy” machine in the loo, the instructions are at least in English (albeit no less direct…jeez, at least wait till I buy the poncho before telling me how to use it):

Fountain Inn Gloucester pull out knob

Fountain Inn Gloucester helpful hint

Quiet mid-afternoon on a Wednesday, the courtyard was an especially copacetic place to unwind.  A guy from the Gloucester Brewery down the hill (at the docks) was loading empty kegs onto a bicycle/wheelbarrow thingy but other than that all was peaceful.

Mapped here.

Fountain Inn Gloucester


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