Cross Keys, Lye’s Green, Wiltshire   2 comments

Cross Keys Lye's Green sign

I ran past the Cross Keys before they opened for the day on my birthday run last year and since the White Hart showed no more signs of life than on that earlier trek I figured this was a good opportunity to tick at least one pub off the list.  It was also nice to get off the busy A362 to a road on which not one motor vehicle came by up to the pub or for a couple miles thereafter.

Cross Keys Lye's Green 2


My pint order blew the keg so the bartender disappeared to change the barrel and I wound up talking to her brother-in-law about Australia in the meantime.  Everyone seemed to be travelling in a week or had just returned from a trip and I think I was the only person without a family tie-in to the conversation.

The pint of Henry’s IPA was perfect but I really needed to push on (train at 3pm was still ten miles away and I wanted to get in at least two more pub stops).  Great little out-of-the-way country pub.  Don’t get lost, use this map.

Cross Keys Lye's Green


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