Lamb and Fountain, Frome, Somerset   2 comments

Lamb and Fountain Frome

The Lamb and Fountain was the pub I had intended to visit when I stumbled upon the wonderful Sun a few weeks ago.  Entering beneath the landlady’s nameplate, I couldn’t find the bar when a window slid open next to me and a barmaid asked, “can I help?”  “Which way to the bar?” “Either one you like.  This one has a stunning view,” and I followed the nod of her head to a door that led to a simple room with a full wall of windows overlooking the hills and houses (and yes, it was stunning).

I got my cider and moved over near the snoozing sheep dog and was almost immediately accosted by its owner, perhaps the most affable fellow I have ever met.  There were pauses and disconnects in his speech and a bit of a lumbering aspect as he pointed out places of interest on the horizon and then gave me recommendations of pubs to run to in the Somerset countryside; turns out, he had a truly horrific construction accident a decade and a half earlier where a scaffolding pole (which tends to be 20 feet long, 3 inches in diameter and made from galvanized steel) javelined through the top right section of his skull.  When he showed me the jagged and lumpy scar I just had to whistle slowly and admit, “that is just fucking beautiful;” he looked happy at my reaction so I added, “traumatic head injuries have been a speciality of mine for a while.”

“What? Are you a doctor?” “No, no, no…receiving them, not treating them.”

Another punter came over and told me about some tunnel system that hooks up to the pub but I was trying to keep up with my first conversation and only looked this up when I returned home.

We tried each others cider as he spread out a feast he had brought in with him (this is one of those great houses that doesn’t discourage outside food).  As I left down the staired path he suggested and tried to follow the directions he gave I had to wonder if every pub in town is a cracker.  I’m two-for-two, so far.

Find it on this map.

Lamb and Fountain Frome entrance


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