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2015-06-07 week run graph

It was kind of an average week for running, considering I’m still on the immunotherapy and suffering constant aches, pains, fever, and other flu-like side effects.  After a desperately needed rest day, the radio programme I was listening to on the Tuesday morning run brought the sad and untimely news of the death of former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy (1959-2015) RIP.  One of the good ones, and someone who was always on my shortlist of drinking buddies should I ever do something that merited me being able to make a choice in the matter … to paraphrase a line Blazing Saddles, he could use his tongue purtier than a twenty dollar whore.  Tuesday was also Jackie’s birthday but one of the professors I work for brought me some wine from Sardinia as a belated gift for my birthday last week.  J’s fave birthday related quote comes from The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock:

“I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker,
And I have seen the eternal Footman hold my coat, and snicker,”

So we raised a glass to the eternal Footman and Charles Kennedy (and everyone else we outlived — against all odds — this past year):

2015-06-02 birthday wine

Wednesday was an after work run and I steered myself past the supermarket to pick up some Champagne because our Indefinite Leave to Remain application was approved.  Thursday morning was another version of the run to work from Besselsleigh and later that evening I took my last dose of the interferon-inducing medication.  Friday was set aside for some stretching.

Vote Naked

The cancer wound was oozing and sore Saturday and became a preoccupation during the run (what with the sticking to the shirt and all).  Still, the day was gorgeous out from Trowbridge and the wind was only against me as far as Frome where I stopped for a cider at the Lamb and Fountain.  Planning to continue to Warminster, I spotted a sign leading to a pub (the Cross Keys) that I ran past on my birthday crawl last year because it wasn’t yet open for the day; after ticking it off the list, I continued to Upton Scudamore and the Angel along trails overgrown with nettles and blocked in several places by downed trees.  From there, it was mostly quiet lanes up to the outskirts of Westbury where I finished the crawl with a stop at the Bell before heading on to the rail station.

2015-06-06 Trowbridge Frome Westbury map


Sunday I was absolutely shattered but managed to catch the bus (just behind the Old Town Festival Parade) out to Avebury (actually a little past into Beckhampton).  Following bridleways and farm tracks back to Uffcott, I was feeling a bit better when my legs really began to stiffen on the way down a steep hill.  Climbing out of the valley to the church above Wroughton I opted for a slightly longer but much quieter path the rest of the way back to the house which greeted me with the smells of the Thai spiced pulled pork shoulder I had in the slow cooker.  The worse for wear, I drew a hot bath and started thinking about the feast this evening and the week ahead.

2015-06-07 Beckhampton to the house




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