Pilot Inn, Hardwicke, Gloucestershire   3 comments

Pilot Inn Hardwicke sign

The Pilot Inn was another really large venue but much more English than the place I had just left a few miles’ run behind.  I had run past here once before, after the Beat The Bore run but I had to meet up with Jackie back at the hotel in Gloucester so just blew right past on that occasion.  If this morning is indicative, I should probably have stopped in on the earlier occasion: the music was a great mix of Northern Soul and early 70’s Blues Rock, the crowd of employees were affable and absolutely potty, and the house itself comfortable and cozy despite having a probable capacity equivalent to Wembley Stadium.

Pilot Inn Hardwicke back porch

Stinky and sweaty from my run, thus far, I took my Doom Bar out to the porch and watched the canal works pootle on until the rain returned and I started to get cold.  Back inside, I caught a little Van Morrison on the tannoy (or should I say, Sir Van, as he is on the Queen’s Birthday Honours list that came out today, along with Lenny Henry and Kevin Spacey); marvelous.

Map link is here.

Pilot Inn Hardwicke


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