Whitminster Inn, Whitminster, Gloucestershire   3 comments

Whitminster Inn

I’ve been to the Whitminster before but that was during the Stroud Half Marathon and I couldn’t get served at the time; today they actually honoured their posted opening times and (despite being the only customer in the place as the hive rushed around setting up the ‘English’ and ‘Chinese’ sides of the massive and elegant venue) every employee or member of the owner’s family — of which there seemed to be a legion — stopped by to say hello or ask how my day was going or something else obligatorily civil…I almost wish they had bounced me from the place again, the attention so bordered on cloying.

I had a Gert Lush cider, cloudy and citrusy and a wonder to behold.  Sitting there alone, I inventoried their impressive stock of single malts and craft Bourbons when I wasn’t making small talk with the various personages that presented themselves.  The aromas from the kitchen, just ahead of lunch, were torture and I soon headed back out to continue my run north, in the rain, toward Gloucester just to escape the torment.

Here’s the map.


Whitminster Inn Gert Lush Cider


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