Beacon, Haresfield, Gloucestershire   2 comments

Beacon Haresfield

The approach to and egress from Gloucester remind me of nothing so much as south Georgia and north Florida: flat, swampy with the smell of vegetative decay and cattle farms, upper working class goobers everywhere you look…glorious.  But, the landscape is a relatively small plain set amidst the Cotswolds and eventually they re-emerge to break up one’s idyll.

I was running along the iso-topo-lines away from the Pilot as the hills started to loom and was confronted with a street that dead ends into the rail line but that I was certain carried on to another footpath.  Just before the pedestrian gate, the Beacon appeared and I rushed in for a Uley’s and the pottie (I was busting).

Inside, the atmosphere was decidedly middle-class (although not that sort of lock-jawed and priviledged version most people mean when they say middle class round these parts), in a bolshie sort of way.  A very friendly bar, considering the rain-soaked and debris-covered state I was in it still struck me as a bit golf-clubby.  Oh well, the climb awaited and I had a train to catch miles away….

Here’s the obligatory map link.


Posted June 14, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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