Globe Inn, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire   1 comment

Globe Inn Stonehouse sign

The Globe was almost too local, one of those menacing places where it seems no one trusts a stranger.  As such, I liked it immediately and took my lager off to the games room to observe from afar while the assembled crowd warily assessed the threat I represented; to be fair, they seemed more interested in assessing a panoply of interpersonal aspects of the 20-30 more familiar faces in the room but this is my blog so I can make the story about me if I want to.

As I had just had a complementary experience a few miles away at the Beacon, the day seemed defined as “first one like this then one like that” with the Whitminster and the Pilot both eerily similar to and at the same time nothing at all like one another.  Or, maybe it was just exhaustion, dehydration, my fourth pint of the day’s 16 mile run, and a dangerously high dose of codeine.  In the end, it doesn’t matter…as pub #1356 it is now in the record books.

Easy to find without it, but here’s a map.

Globe Inn Stonehouse

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