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2015-06-04 running week chart


Another fairly average running week has passed and I have to admit the boredom I feel on my standard routes.  Tuesday was the hackneyed Appleton-Oxford-via-Binsey 8 miler with Wednesday afternoon reversing the directions to take advantage of the prevailing winds and to enjoy the first real warmth in the air.  Thursday afternoon I hopped off the bus at the Swindon Cop Shop and tried to mix things up a little but the only new trail was a nettle overgrowth that led to an unpleasant stretch of the A419 dual carriageway.  Friday’s trot from the Cop Shop Stop was more direct and, while I looked forward to it at first, I really considered bagging it most of the time I actually dragged myself along.

Speaking of bagging something, check out this spectacular web find this week! Although not a big fan of taxidermy, in general, if anyone is thinking of an early Christmas gift for me I admit that I would be delighted with this rare “beer”:


On the work front, multiple copies of this turned up taped to the walls of the ground floor loo (and makes me wonder what ELSE turned up there) this week.  Oxford University: home of the top 1% in academia:

Phantom Defecator


The Saturday run was the first of a few fallback weekends but I still felt like blowing it off altogether…hungover, cold, rainy, lazy.  But, once on the road it was fairly pleasant and then there were the drinks — while they didn’t really help with the hangover neither did they make things any worse.  I wound up with 16.4 miles with an originally scheduled 18 and more conservative post-breakfast target of only 15 (but I got a bit lost in the woods between Haresfield and Stonehouse).  Also, there were four pub stops (the Whitminster Inn, the Pilot Inn, the Beacon Inn and the Globe Inn) and a delicious snack at the Nippy Chippy:


2015-06-13 run map


Sunday was supposed to be a much longer trot but the rain continued through the night and I just couldn’t face the slick, chalk hills of the Marlborough Downs and decided to see how long I could maintain interest in a Swindon pavement and cycle path loop.  Turned out that I was completely over it after an hour but managed to stretch things to a slow 1:40 (10.6 miles) before drawing a hot bath and opening a cold beer.

2015-06-14 jog map

Next week there are some special runs planned for Thursday through Saturday and I’m going to try to suffer through the current case of ennui with a daily run until then.  Later!

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