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Crown Rivers Heathrow

The red-eye flight takes new meaning when you are flying to Holland.  Just saying.

My coach from Swindon hit the Central Bus Station at 4:25 and as transfers to Terminal 5 are free I didn’t see the need to wait around for my connecting coach. In two shakes (yes there was a potty stop), I was through security and sitting behind the Crown Rivers‘ breakfast menu.

“Is the bar open yet?” I naïvely inquired. At 5:10 am, the waitron returned with a perfectly kept pint of Doom Bar.
That was pretty much the last thing that was perfect, though. The tomato was mealy and the egg, bacon and taters chewy as though cooked ages ago. Oh well, airport food, eh?

The luggage is of note…this is a short trip so I just grabbed a duffel from the wardrobe and only during this photo realised it was a gimme from a Red Dress Run in Bisbee, Arizona. Of course.

Hardly one that requires it, but here’s a map.

Crown Rivers Heathrow breakfast beer bisbee bag

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