Koffieshop de Kade, Amsterdam Zuid   2 comments

Koffieshop de Kade Amsterdam Zuid

Out of Schiphol and on a train by 9:20 am, I sought out a supply of weed and hash for the duration of my stay in the conservative southern Netherlands (where they cling to spirit of the Wietpas despite the increase in street crime directly attributable to the exclusion of non-residents from coffeeshops in the region).

I considered a stop in Utrecht but was drawn to the remote (for Amsterdam) little neighbourhood vendor, Koffieshop de Kade, not least because it is on the shortlist for closure by the Amsterdam council (proximity to schools and places of worship being a consideration in license renewal).  In fact, they were scheduled to close on July 1st, 2014 but have somehow managed to remain vital (my current favourite in town, The Doors, somehow has gotten off the original list).

Anyway, I got a giant bud of white widow and a gramme of Super Polm hash.  It has been a long time and it knocked me on my ass but, since I was an hour ahead of plans I decided to take the scenic route to the east (and inadvertently a bit north, almost like the weed was navigating); great product, and I am sure I won’t finish it before returning (but promise to give it the old college try).

Here’s the hardware I brought with me from Swindon so I wouldn’t have to stop along the way:

pipe for the trip


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