Vishandel Bond Haring Stall, Maastricht Markt   2 comments

Hollandse Niewe Bond fish and statue

The original treatise for the 2014 Fish and Chips Challenge allowed for non-fish-and-chips meals that were regional specialities.  There is nothing that fits that bill more iconically than the Hollandse Nieuwe or ‘Nieuwe Haring’ (literally ‘new herring,’ the season for which just opened a week ago) in the Netherlands.  Covered in onions and/or pickles then popped in your mouth whilst holding the tail…splendid, but I feel like a tourist doing that so I get them to slice it bite sized and use a toothpick or a plastic fork.

I sought out a vishandel in the Maastricht Markt and found 3 at the northwest corner but Bond seemed to have the freshest looking Nieuwe Haring, sweet, fat, succulent.  I have called the Dutch the Japanese of the West (or EuroJaps during one of my many shameful forays into racism) because they are so surreal compared (even) to the idiosyncratic cultures that surround them.  This is their sashimi, and there is little in this realm that is more sublime.

Hollandse Niewe Bond stand

(Note: this post is a continuation of the 2014 Chippy Challenge, with all related entries linked to this map)



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