De 24 Uurs van Maastricht 2015 Bierfestival   1 comment

Helpoort Maastricht

There was a beer festival Friday night in Maastricht sponsored by PINT (the Dutch sibling of CAMRA). The 24 Uurs van Maastricht Bier Fest was waiting for me next to the Helpoort, the oldest city gate in the Netherlands.


Maastricht Beer Fest Seef display

Starting with a Seef Petros aged red beer made with cherries I was immediately blown away.  Never having had a beer with so sweet but complex a flavour or exuding such a grand scent I really thought I peaked too soon.  As the event progressed, I found several more red beers all similarly cherried up and many very interesting other tipples.

Moose Blues


The guys at the Moose Blues bruin stand and its general presentation make it look like a stoner or hobbyist brewery, but Brouwers Verzet seem to know what they are doing.  I got the higher alcohol as a way of cleansing my palette after the early dessert but this was just an even more flavourful product.

Maastricht Beer Fest Jesenhofke red beer


The Jessenhofke red (above) was another beer flavoured with cherries, sweeter than the others I tried but sublime.

Maastricht Beer Fest 1


Like any beer festival, it was less civilised than you might hope in the first instance with people pushing past as though their choice will run out in the first 2 hours of the event.  But, when the post-work crowd started rolling in (waves of them) there was a dilution of the mental patients into the larger general population.

Maastricht Beer Fest Hop and Hout stand


The Hop en Hout guys were especially helpful and make wonderful beers.  I got the Lupoo (for the poo factor) and found it very hoppy, wheaty, sweet and sharp like a western craft ale.  Sold on their stuff, I returned for the stout (next photo), which they poured short in the glass (well, it has no head so to about the point the others were poured) but this easily had the most body in any I sampled today…a piece of art, this. Best beer I’ve had in months.

Maastricht Beer Fest stout
Similar to the adolescent chuckle I had over the poo in Lupoo, I had to try this one (again, another wiener…erm, ‘winner’):

Maastricht Beer Fest Wiener Lager




After 8 beers I really was ready to move on for some food and, knowing my luck with directions felt it unlikely I would find my way back.  So, with trepidation I reclaimed my deposit on the tasting vessel and stepped out into the city evening.


Maastricht Beer Fest setting


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