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Doner Company 's Hertogenbosch food

Properly zooted from the short stop in Eindhoven, I completely forgot to endorse/check-in my OV Chipkaart (prof of passage on the rails) and then sweated the journey to the next stop, ‘s Hertogenbosch; unchecked by the conductor I was able to dash out and check-in at Den Bosch and thus saved myself one stop’s worth of fare.

To celebrate (and to kill off the half hour till the next train), I dove into the Doner Company for my first kebab since 28 December 2013 (almost 1 ½ years).  Not too salty, the chilli sauce was good, the garlic sauce was better, and the jalapeño peppers were great.  Absolutely awesome.

Doner Company 's Hertogenbosch


Posted June 22, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Food, Kebabs

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