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Flying Chariot Terminal 2 Heathrow

My flight was early as mentioned before, Passport Control only took 45 minutes, and the coach booking to Swindon was rigid so I had a couple of hours to kill before escaping these inner circles of Hell that are Heathrow Airport. To be near the Central Bus Station, I opted for the Wetherspoons in Terminal 2 and was treated (again) to every airport bar on the planet.

There was upstairs seating for about 8000 people but that section was closed so I ate at one of the 10 tables in the bar floor ghetto off to the right. Had a pint of bitter with the burger for dinner then a lager whilst making notes on the day just past and labelling the holiday photos.

This trip was not too bad, I think…a good set of runs in the Netherlands, a little tourism, and some valiant dope smoking.  I gave the last 1/2 gramme of White Widow to a stoner kid on my way to the gates in Schiphol:

“Hey, kid…you are going to smoke pot, right?”
“That is a distinct possibility, bro.”
Ignoring my instincts to push him down the escalator for saying, ‘bro,’ I continued:
“Good, here’s enough heartily psychedelic weed to turn you into a heiroglyph…can’t take it with me so treat her as well as I would if I could stay.”
“Really? Dude, I mean…dude.”

If he remembers this (and he may not), it will be a decent story to annoy friends with…my travelling stoner equivalent of a photobomb.

Map linked here.


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