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Maastricht graffito

With an hour to kill after my lunch at the haring stand and then a long evening ahead after the Bier Fest, I planned to spend a bit of time before grabbing a sandwich just wandering the town. From the Markt, the first stop was De Knijnspiep, a beautiful (if somewhat overpriced) local tavern just off the Vrijthof.

De Knijnspiep Maastricht

Grand old and with a bunny in its name, worth a stop

De Knijnspiep Maastricht the Chouffes


With only time for a Chouffe (a Belgian ale) here, I soon moved on in ever decreasing circles towards the Aula of Maastricht University where a guy I used to work for was giving his inaugural lecture to the esteemed faculty and about 500 visitors (many of whom I knew from my tenure with the honoured speaker).  Along the way, I noticed the guild markings (or those of the industry to which the house holder owed his good fortune) on many grand residences:

Maastricht architecture 3


Maastricht architecture 1


Maastricht architecture 2

When I came to the Aula of the University of Maastricht (after quite some wandering around), I was struck by the Masonic iconography:

Aula Maastricht University entrance

But, the main event had to be the talk taking place therein given by the guest of honour.  It was good to see him again and to catch up with past colleagues (many of whom are also my group’s current competitors) and especially good to see the huge turnout.  The Netherlands is something of a grand place to be a scientist or an engineer and Ron is kind of one of the Rock Stars of this alternate reality…it took ages to get through the reception line to see him but, as he wasn’t expecting me it seemed like a good surprise, too.

Maastricht Uni Ron Heeren inauguration

Shitty picture, I know, but that’s what a Dutch science icon looks like accepting an Endowed Professorship

Back on the street, I walked the wrong way to the beer festival and kept stumbling upon more pretty buildings.

Post and Telegraaf Maastricht


And, baffling art:


Maastricht highway sculpture

This one was later explained to me (something to do with the Beurs or stock exchange), but see if you can get this image out of your head of Mercury dashing away with some huge, severed testicles:

Mercury runing with severed testicles



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