Chestnut Tree, Andover, Hampshire   1 comment

Chestnut Tree Andover

I figured that, running, I could make it to the bus stop (7 miles away) in an hour as long as I neither got injured or lost (or lost again, I should add, as I would be short-cutting through the MOD’s Salisbury Plain training area near Tidworth).  As I passed the Chestnut Tree, a time check showed that I had an hour and twenty minutes.  It would be rude not to stop for a quick pint.

Another large estate pub like the Lunar Hare, I couldn’t really put a date on it but suspect it is 1950’s stock.  Part of the Greene King Meet and Eat stable meant I was able to get an inexpensive but quite nice IPA and, early in the afternoon, not much of a crowd to deal with.  I watched a bit of the European Games from Baku with the bartender who neither noticed nor cared that I was drenched head-to-toe with sweat from the first 11 miles of the day.  This was nearly as refreshing as the beer, which I savoured for 25 minutes just to make the run back interesting.

Map linked here.


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