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George Inn Thruxton sign

With the intention of an earlier start, I planned yesterday’s run route around pubs with early opening times, but best intentions being as they are I only reached the George, which publicizes opening times of 9 am everyday (see web site screen cap, below) at 11:55.  It was locked up tight…shit.  Looking around and considering moving on to Andover I found the opening hours posted in a side window: earliest doors are at noon.  I waited for the gaffer to open up and give me a gruff greeting to go along with the disapproving glare.




Examining the filamentous fungal growth populating my glass of bitter, I asked him about the opening times.

“We always open at noon.”
“Odd. Your web site says 9.” I pushed my device toward him to demonstrate. “Perhaps you might use the extra 3 hours to clean the beer lines.”
“Pardon?” he snapped in the rude and aggressive way that Brits have of asking/demanding you repeat yourself.
“Well, this is undrinkable. There is an unwelcome population in it,” I said, pointing at the serpentine strands.
“That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to be. If you knew anything about real ale, you’d know that.”

Holding my index finger up in the “shhhh” configuration, I opened the pub map on the device for him. “I’ve been a CAMRA member for 7 years, now. In that time I’ve had pints in nearly 1400 pubs, mapped here,” pushing the device his way. “I’ve been to dozens of breweries and I work in a lab where yeast is transfected to produce more interesting (if less important) things than alcohol. I think I know a thing or two about real ale that you don’t…such as the importance of cleaning the lines. Can I get my money back?”

He begrudgingly poured the swill out and slapped some coins on the table. “Large bourbon, please,” I chirped. He reached for the Jack Daniels spout, but I was too over this place to go into THAT argument again.

If your stomach can take it, here’s a map to see for yourself.

George Inn Thruxton


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