Lunar Hare, Andover, Hampshire   2 comments

Lunar Hare Andover sign

Scouting the run for the day, I found the Lunar Hare is still on Google Maps Street View as the Railway Tavern (imagery dated July 2011).  In that photo, you can see a kebab stand parked adjacent with instructions to order at the bar.  Now, there are dedicated bread ovens (and baked goods that make me reconsider sugary treats after noon) and a grand menu.  All of this wonder comes with the sterile furnishings so many restaurant-masquerading-as-a-pub venues fall into — for instance, the wood is nice but seems a bit bright and beechy for the large, 30’s estate pub it was injected into.

Lunar Hare Andover porter

I seemed to be the only one interested in drinking, this visit, and had a spectacular (if pricey at £4.20) Dublin Porter.  Pensioners lined the window-side tables making obscene smacking and slurping noises over the plethora of cakes and ocean of coffee before them.  Andover is full of yuppies and the well-off aged, and this is their house, I reckon.

Map link here.  Or, should I have typed, ‘hare?’

Lunar Hare Andover


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