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2015-06-28 run week chart

I have been using MapMyRun as my route tracker for a little over a year but the fucker has started forcing me to log on with increasing frequency and since I don’t have any phone service and am not often near public WiFi when I want to start recording I have been screwed a few times in recent weeks.  So, I added RunKeeper as a back up and it always works but has this annoying habit of asking for approval of push notifications several dozen times before it realises there is no internet connection and allows ‘record’ to be pressed.  Strava  joins the herd and, like MapMyRun, sometimes logs me out and then can’t be used till I’m logged back in (internet is needed for this); but, it usually keeps me logged in for 24 hours.  I got my first run on it Thursday, an 8.3 miler into work with a stop at a DIY store for some lab equipment.  I’m not sure I like the feature where it stops counting time when you slow to a halt (only slightly slower than my sprint pace), but I’ll use it for a few weeks to give it a chance as long as it doesn’t piss me off like MapMyRun did.

GPS apps


In America, this year’s incidence of the 30 Pack Marathon was announced by the hash, the Border Jumpers HHH, that took it to heart and gave it a home after I started it lo those many years ago.  What I wouldn’t give to be in the El Paso heat at the end of July for this…maybe next year, eh?


BJH3 30 Pack emblem

VAGUELY Run Related Story of the Week:  Swindon is infested with Mormons (morons, as well, but that’s more systemic).  I have been stopped by these aggressive little shits more than once, the last time a couple of years ago when two of them rode up beside me (while I was about 5 miles into a 6 mile run) yelling, “sir, sir.”  I pulled out my ear buds and paused the documentary I was listening to as they blocked the pavement ahead by crossing their bicycles.

“What?” I asked as curtly as possible, recognising their little Mormon outfits.
“Do you need some help?”
“I’m out for a fucking run, you stupid dickheads. Is my form THAT bad?”
“No, I mean, we were just wondering…”
“Me, too,” I cut him off. “I was just wondering when you were going to clear the fuck out of my path. I would suggest now.”
“Sorry, sir. Have a nice day.”
As I passed, I shoved one of the bikes over and said, “Fuck you and your Magic Underwear. Piss off back to fucking America where they have to put up with this bullshit.”  Pushy sacks of shite.

So, waiting on Jackie to leave work Friday I spotted another vector of this plague but he was entertaining a couple of local youths that seemed to be hanging on his every word.  I reckoned it was because Swindon is so provincial and this big American kid seemed so exotic.  I wasn’t really listening but could tell from their body language and direction of focus that they were discussing passers-by that maybe stayed a drink or two too long in one of the pubs.  Then, Mormon Boy spotted something that excited him and — I shit you not — he actually used the terms “Golly” and “Gee Willikers.”  The local kids must have just been stringing him along to get him to say more of this sort of comedy gold.  I brought it up to Jackie and asked her where she thought this kid came from, anyways.  “I’d say somewhere in 1947, from what you said.”

2015-06-27 Andover run

Saturday was a pub run day and I wound up with 17.7 miles from Tidworth to Andover then back to Perham Down at The Somme Road with a tally of three pubs, two of them (the Lunar Hare and the Chestnut Tree) pretty good and the other one the George.  One of the nicer events of the day was getting lost on the military training site between Tidworth and Kimpton Down.  My map showed most of the tracks that criss-cross the reservation but some of these have overgrown and look more like ‘forbidden’ areas and new ones have been scarred into the land by tank traffic.  At the top of one hill I was able to make out that I sat on the edges of the pistol and rifle ranges (but the warning flags were down and locals seemed to be using the chalk downs to try to kill themselves with mountain bikes).

Salisbury Plain civilian entry point near Tidworth

This was the first proper ‘fall back’ week since the first week of April and it made me a bit antsy with only 13 schedule for the ‘long’ run and only 42 on the week but as Sunday morning broke and the heavens opened I was happy to do only the Brimble Hill out-and-back.  This leaves only the final push in July before a full month of fall-back as the big event at the Bank Holiday approaches.  Looking forward to just running free again when this is all done.




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