Hare, Lambourn Woodlands, Wiltshire   3 comments


Hare Lambourn Woodlands sign

There was a disappointment at 14.1 miles into today’s run when the Malt Shovel, set to open at 10 am according to its web site, turned out to be closed until a new tenant could be found to operate the place.  Thirsty, I continued on to the Hare a few miles away in Lambourn Woodland.   I walked through the deserted dining room wondering if I was going to find the crew lifeless in pools of their own blood but also reassured that the place was, indeed, open after 11 am (now a quarter past) because I entered past a large sign that boldly stated “Open Mon-Sat from 11.”

Hare Lambourn Woodlands bar hares

Sitting at the bar for a few minutes, eventually I heard a noise from a cubby hole nearby and out emerged someone in even less presentable condition than myself.  “Pardon me, but is the bar open.”  He looked annoyed and gave a cursory look at his watch, breathed in to say something I suspect would be rude, then looked at it again and said, “no, not really, but I suppose I could serve you something; I really shouldn’t though.”  I ordered a Ramsbury Popham’s and he helpfully added, “oh, the weak one.”  “Yes, the weak one.  Thank you.”  Dick.

Hare Lambourn Woodlands bunny

My bunnies are NOT "hares"

My bunnies are NOT “hares”

There were bunnies everywhere and I was admiring this one because I have two just like it in my garden, cast iron and made of two halves and I’ve had them for 50 years at least (they’re well travelled).  I noticed the guy staring at me and told him I have bunnies just like this one (not mentioning that where they sit in my garden is slightly cleaner than where this one is).  “It’s a HARE,” he snapped.  Asshole.

Here’s a map.

Hare Lambourn Woodlands




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  1. I envy your even head and your adventures in such an amazing place. “Bunny, Hare, Dick, Asshole” it does not matter as you are making the best of your running life. Thanks for sharing this.


    The Dude Run Run
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