General Eliot, South Hinksey, Oxfordshire   1 comment

General Elliot South Hinksey

I’ve been working on three instruments for weeks (one for 6 months) and they all came back online today.  On top of that, the mercury climbed to 25°C (77°F) and the skies were deep blue and gorgeous and 4 o’clock rolled around and on top of all that I picked up from the TOSS Hash House Harriers email feed that the General Elliot was open for the first time in years…some things MUST be done.

I ran from work although it was a rest day and the path was spectacular with a footbridge I had forgotten about that crosses a large pond and then the railway just west of the village.  What I had not forgotten was the two old dudes I ran up on the last time I came through in 2011, still in recovery from the big ass car wreck, and they told me the place was primed for a village co-op to pick up the license.  This didn’t happen, in the end (I saw multiple articles along the way but can’t find links to all of them now…here are a few:

[Update: I think they’ve since closed, again, but here’s a map if you want to see for yourself.]

General Elliot South Hinksey pump clips

I got the last drops of Wyld Wood cider from the barrel: the guy had to go to the cellar to drain the last of it to make up the pint.  £4.50, so if they can keep folks coming in they should break even after a couple of barrels at these prices.  The house is fairly remote and my bartender says they focus more on food as a result.

General Elliot South Hinksey garden


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