John Russell Fox, Andover, Hampshire   1 comment

John Russell Fox Andover

My 16 mile shuffle from Burbage had stretched to 18.1 miles by the time I found my way to the John Russell Fox in Andover.  Surprisingly enough, I was only then starting to get the tell-tale cramping from carb depletion that this stop was intended to alleviate.

The pub is a Wetherspoon’s, this time in the refurbished Andover Advertiser building and named for the original publisher.  They are in the midst of their cider fest, so I opted for a medium dry perry once my turn finally came up at the bar.

John Russell Fox Andover Painted Lady Perry

The bartender was busy when I arrived, though, so it took awhile to get served by her.  There was only one fella ahead of me but she was engaged in a lively conversation with some skinny piece of violent white trash who had been barred from the house recently and, at the end of a few minutes escalation, was barred for another month.  Andover, 10:30 in the morning…I like this town.

Here’s the map.

Finishing the perry and planning the trail


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