Pink Olive, Weyhill, Hampshire   3 comments

Pink Olive Weyhill sign


First off, the Pink Olive isn’t so much a pub as an Indian restaurant but it has been a pub in the past, it has a bar, and like the visit to the Snooty Mehmaan there were only drinking customers in the house (which is to say one…me).  So, it counts.  And, like a proper pub there is proper pub entertainment from time-to-time:


Pink Olive Weyhill Miguel Olivares is Elvis

His penis is a foot. Not a foot long, but an actual foot…in a shoe and all!

I ordered a Kingfisher lager and talked to the bartender about the lunch trade.  He says they don’t do so much when the weather is hot and I replied that I was surprised because chillies tend to actually make the heat more bearable.  There was something lecherous in his chuckle and when he asked me what brought me there I pointed to my feet: “I’ve been running more-or-less for 3 hours today,” I admitted.

“Ah, that is why you are so fit,” he said in the way that drunken, middle-aged women here do when clumsily trying to chat you up.  “Mr. Mahmood, you’re trying to seduce me,” I thought but said, “oh, look, the sun is out.  I think I’ll take this to a shady table.”

Here’s the map.

Pink Olive Weyhill



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