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More about the runs in this week’s update than anything else, but there is some entertainment available if you patiently read through.

2015-07-12 week run chart

After the previous week’s strong efforts I recovered rather quickly for this week’s ‘training’ (the term sticks in my craw after ploughing through two-thirds of Richard Askwith’s Running Free) ending the week on 65.9 miles and hitting five new pubs.  In Oxford, alone, I got in 4 decent runs either looping from or commuting to work, their 31+ miles shown combined here:

2015-07-10 Oxford run traces


It was a busy work week and I didn’t do my Tuesday run until late in the afternoon looping through Marston and the areas north of the University Parks, clocking a leisurely 7.1 miles in 58 minutes (although I went out for an hour but there you have it).  Sticking close to the lab so I could pop in and change clothes before the commute home, I also tried signing off on this run, on a whim, when I spotted an empty field in the University Parks but “Bunny” looks a lot like more like “Binru” upon zooming in:

2015-07-07 Bunny sign-off

Wednesday was another busy one and, having skipped lunch to get some things done around the lab, I decided to take my lunch break eating up a few miles late afternoon.  Heading toward Islip to hunt for pre-laid trails of the Oxford Hash House Harriers, I had a fine run although I got off the permissive paths a bit (by accident) and ran through tits-high wheat, stinging nettles and canola for a mile or so leaving my shorts-clad legs bright red and tingly.  But, the day was too gorgeous to let this spoil the trot.

Thursday was just a bog standard commuting run, hopping off the bus between Appleton and Besselsleigh, as usual.  Legs still tingling from the day before, I was happy to sense that the previous evening’s stretches loosened up a tight left IT-band and alleviated an onset of plantar fascitis in both feet.  This is not the time to suffer injuries…the weather is too glorious.

The weather continued to hold and three instruments I have been repairing for weeks (one for months) came back on line Friday so I called it early and left at 4 for a quick trot to South Hinksey where a pub that has also been shut down for ages likewise has been recently resurrected.  The General Elliot was a welcome mid-run break for a cider…3.3 miles to get there and 2.3 to get to a bus stop.


Saturday morning I caught an early bus to Burbage and did 21.5 miles first along the Kennett and Avon Canal, then a long segment of the Roman Road toward Andover where the John Russell Fox and The Bar 34 provided liquid refreshments, and, upon leaving Andover I sprinted to get to one more pub in Weyhill before the last bus that would get me home by 2pm.

Running on one of the oppressively straight Roman roads in this country makes you wonder how it was the day the road work was started.  My vision is something like this: the Top Sergeant or Centurion breaks into the huts at the crack of dawn banging cooking pots together all Full Metal Toga style:

“Rise and shine, ladies. Today we head northwest.”
“What? Around the mountains?”
Great Caesar’s concubines! Did I SAY around the mountains?”
All at once, “NO, CENTURION!”
Through gritted teeth: “That’s right, I said north…fucking…west. So, drop your ‘handles’ and grab your sandals, We march at zero-DCXXX hours ”

As mentioned, it is oppressively straight unlike the Pink Olive (the third pub of the run).  To break the monotony, I veered off to make a pass through the Chutes (villages named Upper Chute, Chute Standen, Lower Chute, etc).  I think the guy at the Pink Olive might make occasional visits to the Lower Chute, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

2015-07-11 Roman Road to Andover mostly

Sunday: It was supposed to rain all day but the weather was kind enough to hold off until I reached the middle of the run and then continue steadily until I got home.  I stopped for about five minutes on either side of my beer break at the dreadful Harvester but by then I had a minimum of 4 miles to traverse to get home so just stuck it out, enjoying the mostly pedestrian-free pavements on the trip back to Old Town.

2017-07-12 route




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