The Bar 34, Andover, Hampshire   1 comment

Bar Andover

Leaving the town centre of Andover, I paused under a tree to get my bearings and scanning the surroundings spotted the open door of what I thought was Bar 34 but the sign in fact merely reads ‘The Bar’ although the place IS known as The Bar 34.  This place, whatever you want to call it, was brilliant!  Two spartan rooms and a bar…you really don’t need anything else.

The landlady was having coffee with a couple and discussing a move to Spain in great detail (solicitors, taxes, etc).  “And, all the cars have air conditioning.  It’s so hot, we tend to reach in and start the motor then wait a few minutes for the air con to catch up.”  I asked how hot and the wife said in a voice that was meant to impart wonder at the furnace like temperatures they endure, “27-30 degrees.”  Celcius…so topping out at 86°F.  When I stopped laughing I shook my head and said, “brits abroad.”

This must have played well as the landlady gave me helpful directions to Weyhill a few minutes later, guiding me through a couple of tricky intersections.  This map will help if you plan to visit.

Bar Andover bra

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