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2017-07-13 Swindon Adver macarena library online comments

Screen cap of comments section from the online version of the article, with the two lone voices defending the actions of the library ‘manager,’ one somewhat less blindly than the other (if more sarcastically).


This is fantastic, and kudos to Mr Porter for sharing his observations on the matter (flash mobs were declared ‘dead’ as early as five years ago, a healthy 15 years after the ugly emergence and subsequent good riddance of the Macarena).  A glance at this photo from the Swindon Advertiser (“Summer holiday reading dip averted by Macarena,” 13 July 2015, page 4) reveals several of the participants’ humiliation:

2017-07-13 Swindon Adver macarena library photo

It might be considered just yet another bad example of photojournalism offered by the Adver, but for our Harry’s report of having witnessed the gang pressing of the professional staff (letters, Swindon Advertiser, 15 July 2015, page 13):

2017-07-15 Swindon Adver macarena library HOPorter letter

At the risk of using an outdated idiom in reference to increasing youth reading, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions (or, as it seems in this case, selfish ones masquerading as good intentions). Perhaps the efforts to encourage reading could have been thought out a little better; a start might have been some sort of promotional activity even remotely related to reading.  Regardless, if any of the accusations in our Hal’s letter is true, it’s definitely time to rethink the position of this erstwhile manager.


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