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Horse and Groom Charlton sign


The run from Swindon took me through Purton where the North Wilts Hash House Harriers were having a trail later in the evening but I didn’t have any flour nor any inclination to stop for some — sure, it’s a missed G-Had opportunity but, frankly, NWH3 has started to bore the piss out of me.

Instead, I soldiered on up Pavenhill to Charlton for my actual target, a pint at the Horse and Groom. I stopped out front to snap a photo of the sign and the pub and eventually realised a vehicle had pulled up and the passenger was beckoning. “Do you know where the Potting Shed is?” I tried to explain that I am not from around here but she continued, “our directions say it is on The Street.”

I glanced at my map. “You’re in luck, this is The Street. I just got on it a mile or so down and it ends just ahead of here, so you should be able to spot it.”

Pleased with myself for being so helpful, I walked into the bar and ordered a Uley’s Bitter only to realize this was much less pub than restaurant. The wait staff were uniformed and candles were being lit and it all seemed much more posh (and fresher scented) than any place that would welcome the likes of me 14 miles into a run and more than 24 hours since bathing. Everyone was professional but not especially friendly (as you might expect in a restaurant just before the shitstorm that is Sunday lunch).

With a couple of swallows left, I heard a fellow ask the manager, “Do you know where the Potting Shed is?” I looked up to see the driver standing there, and the manager said it was in an adjacent village then gave him several turns to make and he’d be at The Street over there in no time. He left, and I asked, “Does every village here have a street called ‘The Street’? I only ask because I think I just sent them on a wild goose chase before I came in here.” You can take the boy out of the G-Had, but you can’t take the G-Had out of the boy.

Here’s a map.



Horse and Groom Charlton


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