Rose and Crown, Malmesbury, Wiltshire   2 comments

Rose and Crown Malmesbury sign

Now that I realized I was living the dream, I ran off in the newborn sunshine toward Corston to the next pub on my list of four but at the bottom of the Malmesbury island (every pub here has aerial photos of one or another flood which isolated the town over the decades) I crossed paths with the Rose and Crown, easily the best local I’ve found in ages.

Rose and Crown Malmesbury denizens

I stepped up to order another cider (carbs, innit?), and a Staffie stuck his nose in my junk. “Hey, big fella, git yer nose out of my crotch, willya?”  The guy next to me asked, “Would yer rather he do some chewin’?  He’s not got none of them of ‘is own.”  “I’m just worried he smells the sheep,” I joked but I think this might have been a little close to the bone and he turned away from me.

Fantastic house, though.  Great mix, albeit all blokes.  I finished my bevvy and got up to leave and an old dude asked if I was leaving so soon and if so if it was because no one gave me a warm welcome.  “The eunuch did, and I’ll be back.  This place is the shit (that’s good, that is), ”  He smiled and raised a glass surrounded by 6 empty cans.  See you soon, buddy.

Map linked here.

Rose and Crown Malmesbury



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