Running Week in Review: 19 July 2015 (and an obit of sorts)   3 comments

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It was a highly varied week in mood if not in mileage … 74.2 miles and 5 pubs this report.

2015-07-14 Bunny that didn't make it

To start, a hashing acquaintance, Ho2, from back in Tucson joined the little bunny, above, on the Eternal Trail.  I spotted the rabbit Tuesday on my first run after finding out, more-or-less for sure, the circumstances and decided to mix up the morning commute run, in part, to take my mind off it.  Silly Bunny.  The kids back in the desert are planning a memorial hash in Black Dresses and almost certainly will get sloppily and appropriately hammered.  Enjoy the wake, wanks…I’d be there if I could.  On-on, lady.  Give Bus Job a hug for me.

2015-07-19 week run chart

In a bit less of a funk on Wednesday I slipped out of work for a lunchtime jog to Marston and got distracted by some comedy podcasts resulting in an extended loop toward Woodstock then down towpaths and through Port Meadow.  Thursday was the standard commute run from work; but, on the A420 flyover at the top of Cumnor Hill I spotted my bus passing below and with 20 minutes till the next one decided to do the rural route via Eaton to Besselsleigh (it doesn’t add much distance but if the traffic is light it is a much more pleasant course).

Friday, I hopped off the bus just before Faringdon and did the couple of miles into town at about 7 miles per hour whilst listening to a programme about the New Horizons spacecraft which whipped by Pluto this week at 40,000 miles per hour and about 4½ light hours away.  As soon as I got settled in at the Swan I had to check out some of the photos from NASA, of course:

bunny on Pluto


The Swan houses the Faringdon Brewery in its cellar but I only spotted one of their own creations on the pumps so I got a flight of 1/3 pint tasters including it, a darker ale, and something called a Bourbon Milk Stout.  The Faringdon Folly was refreshing and citric and evoked linseed oil-based furniture polish, while the Knob (which I bought entirely for the name) was a bit creamier and more nutty/chocolatey.  I probably would have enjoyed the flight better if all three had been the stout, though; pitch black with the sort of old espresso tang on the side taste buds at the back of the tongue and a nose that rises internally as you swallow, this mineral rich tonic is worth watching out for.


Folly Knob and Bourbon Stout

An old labrador waddled over and dumped its little rope-knot toy nearby then backed off a foot or so … an unavoidable invitation that resulted in trying to throw said chew toy past the tenacious beast for the next ten minutes.  Snagging most of these tosses on the fly, I feared for the old girl’s hips and threw one directly to her which she seemed to take as an insult, leaving to pout near the fireplace.  Pub dogs rule.

Come play please

Jackie took a rare Saturday off work so I started the day’s planned medium distance run at daybreak, circumnavigating Swindon by the dawn’s early light.  This morning was glorious and since I was slipping out before my normal morning ablutions it proved wise to carry some toilet paper for short a break on a secluded chalk hillock overlooking the hills and fields below Old Town in the summer sunrise.  The only thing more impressive is what some slightly dated seafood in a pasta will do to your gut.

Saturday morning poo

I have only done this route all-at-once one other time and that was at sunset one rainy winter afternoon, so I found it wonderful to hear birdsong as the wooded areas came to life.  A bit later, the suburbs were slowly waking as well; similarly, as I passed Penhill, the denizens were creeping off to bed steeped in the residue of industrial cider and exhausted by the skunk fuelled robberies and poorly spelled property crimes of the night before. [To be fair, I could say the same of the Parks and Walcot.]

2015-07-18 Circumnavigation of Swindon

And, then there was Sunday.  I awoke sore and stiff from over training and gardening and hungover (also from gardening as it developed into a perry festival).  But, I had already worked out the day’s planned 27+ mile route with some pubs to add to the count so I really didn’t have an excuse.  I loaded Sandinista and some Neil Young on the mp3 player and slowly creaked west.



The run went especially well save for an off-road section that started off well-marked and maintained (see above) but soon required advanced orienteering skills to follow.  This added about a mile to the run plan but, four pubs into the jog and with the sun out and a cool breeze and no mud, I can think of worse Sunday afternoons I have spent.  My timing was almost perfect all day and I arrived at the Horse and Groom 10 minutes after opening.  A second pub planned had been turned into an Indian restaurant so I ticked off the Whole Hog then, trying to find my way to Corston, I spotted the Rose and Crown at the bottom of Malmesbury.  After the Radnor Arms, I crossed overland into Hullavington for the Star and then did an unsuccessful dash for the 4:15 bus out of Chippenham (caught the 4:45 after chasing the earlier one across town).


2015-07-19 Charlton Malmesbury Chippenham run





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