Radnor Arms, Corston, Wiltshire   2 comments

Radnor Arms Corston sign

Pretty sure the Rosie was the last pub to punch on my Malmesbury dance card, I trotted south light of feet and of head (three pints into the run) but loagy of gut (three pints into the run).  I eventually found the Radnor Arms –adjacent to my footpath for the subsequent section of the trail — and entered the busy bar and restaurant (that’s been something of a theme this trip) for an ale.

This appears to be a very popular pub with a certain class (upper middle) of cyclist and the ridiculous riding costumes seemed as out of place as my foul odoured sweats and nipple-bloodied t-shirt.  I took my drink out front and watched the street scene in the cool, shaded breeze.

There were several bikes (that each cost more than the aggregate of my last three cars) leaned against a wall and what I took to be their owners soon clattered out and began talking about their trip so far and plans for the rest of the afternoon.  One of them eventually noticed I was looking at them and I hope I looked more like bemused spaniel than someone trying to make their heads explode with my thoughts; “have you been running?” “Yes, but only pub to pub?”  They chuckled and one asked how far so I referred to the GPS and reported, “21.1 miles so far…this is my fourth pub but there’s only one more on my schedule.”  I smiled and drained my glass; they were still silent when I returned from dropping it at the bar.

“Surely that’s 21.1 kilometers,” one of them more stated than asked and in a tone that questioned my veracity.  His buddies smirked at each other.

Pulling the straps of my pack tight, I answered, “Did I say kilometers, dickhead? Miles, motherfucker.  Miles.”  Ten paces away I hurdled the stile and lit out on the wooded path.

Map linked here.

Radnor Arms Corston



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