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Star Hullavington sign

Dashing through the fields from the Radnor Arms I half expected to hear the clattering of bike cleats running behind me.  Then, as I entered the Star in Hullavington and saw no signs of pissed of yuppies in spandex, I bought a pint of bitter and retired to the large garden to stretch a bit ahead of the mostly downhill, 6 mile dash to Chippenham.

Star Hullavington garden

It was yet another restaurant-cum-pub but it erred on the right side of ‘pub’ and had a grand selection of beverages, well-kept and reasonably priced.  Likewise, it was another village bistro on a street called The Street … it’s a regular Hall of Mirrors in this part of Wiltshire.  I felt like lingering a bit longer but even with the stretching I could feel the muscles start to clench, so while not down-in-one the fine ale wasn’t treated to prissy sips, either.

Star Hullavington



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