Seven Stars, Marsh Baldon, Oxfordshire   2 comments

Seven Stars Marsh Baldon sign

I’ve been to pubs called The Plough with the Big Dipper in the sign and others called the Seven Stars without a constellation referenced but this one is the first Seven Stars that invoked Ursa Major. Fair enough, I was thirsty and the sign of the label beckoned.

Inside it is a fantastic, 17th century coaching inn saved from gentrification by a cooperative formed in the village. There was a fine selection of ales on the five taps and I think there were even more listed on the chalkboard (perhaps gravity feed). I got a Loddon Ferryman, a golden ale without the now-favoured overly floral American hops (or, at least, a light hand was used to dose the batch).

My timing was great, today, and I was wringing the last drop of beer from the glass just as some other runners came in, looking very much like hashers. I pushed past and one of them yelled after me, “R U?” [ or, “Are you?] but I didn’t react and moved on to finish correcting the trail markings I had started on back before the stop at the Mole.


Map linked here.



Seven Stars Marsh Baldon


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