Barley Mow, Clifton Hampden, Oxfordshire   2 comments

Barley Mow Clifton Hampden sign

There’s a holiday campsite behind the Barley Mow and the Thames Path is just across a bridge but otherwise pedestrian access is frankly dangerous.  So, it wasn’t surprising that it was filled with a bunch of middle management types (the sort that would flaunt half-assed cocaine in the 80s) and suburban families that would rather order a takeaway than walk into the kitchen.  I actually saw four folks get dropped off at the beer garden so they wouldn’t have to walk from the car park 50 meters away; as I was leaving for the harrowing run to the nearest pavement a mile away, I saw the driver huffing and puffing to get across the row before potentially getting ploughed down by speeding vehicles.

See what I did, there?  Barley Mow, harrow, plough?  I only wish there had been more than my puns to recommend this yuppie chain restaurant (beautiful house and location, but it is a Chef and Brewer and nothing is going to fix that).

Here’s a map link.

Barley Mow Clifton Hampden


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