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Although the mileage settled to ~67 at the end of the week, I consider this my peak week of this training cycle and will start something resembling a taper next week.  There were only four runs, as well; Saturday’s slog demanded a bit of a rest today so I’m pretty much confined to the house but in less pain than expected.

2015-07-26 week run chart

I started the week off in hedonistic excess, as per norm, but at least I managed to bin my empties.  Monday mornings in Swindon, though, there’s a path of destruction left by the local white trash such as this unusually tidy pile about 10 meters from an empty bin in Spring Gardens park:

2015-07-20 Monday in the park

Tuesday, I came into work early so I could bolt at 4 and still make a 6:30 train in Didcot with the pace only hindered by the duties of Hashlam: invoking Hasharia Law on the Didcot HHH and stopping by the holy Mole (Toot Baldon), the heavenly Seven Stars (Marsh Baldon) and the not worthy of the effort Barley Mow (Clifton Hampden).

Wednesday and Thursday were variations on my commute runs with one of them to home from the bus stop near Wiltshire Constabulary but with a loop into Coate Water park and along the golf course to Wichelstowe and on up the hill from there.  The other started midway down the Botley Road segment of the regular to work run from Besselsleigh but making up the lost mileage by going up the Thames to Wolvercote (taking in the ruins of the Godstow Nunnery, below, from an angle I don’t usually get) then continuing on eventually to Marston and hobbling into the lab from the east.


2015-07-23 Godstow Nunnery ruins

Road kill of the week (or, bike path kill as it were) was this field mouse.  RIP, little guy!  If the skull avoids getting crushed by passers-by in the meantime, I’ll harvest that for my collection once the ants finish with the cadaver.

2015-07-23 Marston mouse morte

I dreaded the long run as this was the proving ground for a much stupider Bank Holiday trek (or, as it will be broken into sub-treks by short pauses distributed throughout, a SERIES of Bank Holiday plods is probably more accurate).  I also savoured this one because it would take me into the Forest of Dean, an area of outstanding beauty as well as murderously steep inclines.  I had a 39-40 mile path planned along the Wysis Way long distance path but that didn’t pan out and I wound up with just short of 36 more due to time constraints than exhaustion — although, admittedly, another 4 miles would have done me in at the over ambitious pace I did some of the running segments.  I wrote up this run under a separate posting since it really deserves the attention, but here’s the map of my actual route with the pubs, those that delivered and those that disappointed, marked for reference:

2015-07-25 Wys-ish Way Run and pubs map



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