Hearts of Oak, Drybrook, Gloucestershire   3 comments

Hearts of Oak Drybrook sign

After the climb from the White Horse at Mitcheldean and some rolling hills thereafter, I was treated to a long downhill segment on my way to the Hearts of Oak, a lovely local in Drybrook. They, too, had Doom Bar on the pump but I was in mind of a lager and got a Kronenbourg 1664.

Still just noon, it was quiet save for the land-couple who, either intrigued with the exotic guest covered in blood and sweat or so bored they felt it would kill some time, came out to my table in the front car park and chatted awhile. They moved back here from Spain, which baffles me but I reckon only home is really home for some.

John really had my back, too, offering me a shortcut past the next pub on the trail (the Rose in Hand, which opens evenings only). They both gave glowing recommendations to the Malt Shovel in Ruardean when I explained that was where I would head south to the Forest again. Top folks, them. Stop by when you’re in the buurt. (Here’s a map link to help.)

Hearts of Oak Drybrook


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