White Horse, Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire   3 comments

White Horse Mitcheldean sign

I rolled into Mitcheldean a little before noon looking for a pub at the south end of town that I already knew wouldn’t open till 12 (as had been my luck for most of the last hour). However, the White Horse came into view first and its doors were open…salvation!

I entered the deserted bar and surveyed the offerings happy to see a couple of ales on pumps. I was just about to call out for attention when a teenager came around the corner wielding a pool cue; “is the bar open?” I inquired. Shifting grip from ball-busting weapon to ball-busting sporting goods, he squinted at me and said, “yeah, he’s there somewhere,” then yelled something unintelligible behind the bar. Almost immediately an old guy’s head popped around the corner. “Doom Bar, please,” I requested although this could just as easily have been an observation and castigation…”doom bar…please.”

The kid racked the table and started running the pockets. Another fellow came in and started mocking the two and then, after a pause to decide if he knew enough about me to continue, started in on everyone else that had been in the bar the evening before. I remember him as being very funny but I didn’t note anything specific at the time. I don’t think it was just the West Glocs accent (which, indeed, I find charming but can make the most benign and sincere things hilarious).

At precisely noon, three others appeared and rather than repeat his material our first comic yielded the stage. I was finished with my glass and returned it to the bar and returned my hat to my head. I said my eight word, “thanks;” “not at all! Thank you. And, we’ll be seeing you again soon?” “Yes, of course.” The other five all heartily toasted me as I left, ears already burning by the time I was trotting again.

White Horse Mitcheldean




Posted July 29, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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