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Angel Hotel Coleford

In a dry shirt and clean socks and fed and rehydrated after the 36 mile run I had 30 minutes to kill ahead of the bus back to Gloucester.  There could be worse things — or less expected ones — than popping into the Angel Hotel for a beer.

It is a real hotel, too, but the bar area is more like a Wild West saloon straight out of Whiskey Row or Tombstone with the possible exception that the denizens were almost all middle-aged English/Welsh border dwellers.

The music made me laugh since, prior to acquiring the Cornershop earworms, I had inexplicably had the line “I need TV when I got T Rex” repeating in my head for miles with the music to “Brown Eyed Girl” running behind it; the first song after I sat down with my M & B Mild was Mott the Hoople’s version of “All the Young Dudes” which was followed by Van Morrison doing NOT “Brown Eyed Girl” but “And It Stoned Me” (a fine substitute).

Map linked here.

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