Malt Shovel, Ruardean, Gloucestershire   Leave a comment

Malt Shovel Ruardean sign

I realised the map I was working from was misleading as I descended out of town.  Climbing back up the hill, I spotted a family taking in the sun in their front garden and asked if they knew the Malt Shovel.  “Oh, yes, you just need to take a hard right at the crest there, then it is on your left.  It’s a cracking pub, too.”  Thanking them, I sprinted away.

Malt Shovel Ruardean beer

Inside the house there were primitive stone walls and ancient timber floorboards and everywhere you looked there were old advertising and road signs — not decorative imitations but a life’s work of collecting.  I was also pleased to find the retro pump clip for one of Wye Valley’s “Dorothy Goodbody” range of ales which are always fine if a little out of date; at least it sticks with the theme of the pub.

Malt Shovel Ruardean toilet attendant

I worked my way through the multiple rooms just to have a look around but my backpack has been reeking every time it gets a bit damp and warm from sweat (bleach has since been deployed), so I took Ms Goodbody to the flagstone paved beer garden to have my wicked way.  Soon enough, my ancient kidneys succumbed to her and the beers from the Hearts of Oak and the White Horse and I returned my glass then eased past the metal-shop bathroom attendant in order to raise the water table downstream.

Map link here.

Malt Shovel Ruardean


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