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New Inn Shortstanding

Standing on a corner in a Christchurch neighbourhood I couldn’t make out where I was on the map.  Just then, an old Chinese gent in gardening attire popped up from behind a wall: “can I help you find something.”  “Nothing in particular,” I said, gesturing with my map, “but do you know where I am?”  “Of course…I live here!”  Well, thank the gods of gardening for that.

He pointed to the intersection on the map which was ¼ mile from where I thought I was standing.  “Okay, then, which way to this pub?” Following his directions, I topped another hill passing a woman and two young men and soon found myself on a stool at the New Inn, watching the foam on a pint of porter settle.

The bartender took my money and said, “I’ll be right with you,” which momentarily confused me until I heard the trio from my approach behind me.  “You look like you’ve just run a marathon,” one of the guys said.  “Just over 28 miles at this point,” I guessed; “I’ve been at it since Gloucester and lost in the Forest most of the day.”  “Blimey!” he replied and they made some more comments but my ears were awash in the noises they constantly make to a greater or lesser extent and I concentrated on the business at hand as several cyclists came through to ask — and receive — permission to use the car park while they went out for a journey.

Here’s a map link.



Posted July 30, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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