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White House Oxford

There was once a pub called the White House in Oxford near the train station but it is now a restaurant (some Chinese/fusion/money-laundering operation but distinctly not my sort of house).  This White House used to be the Folly Bridge although it is quite a hike from the Folly Bridge for which it was named (there are two other pubs on either side of the river).

I jogged up and started to put in my order then realised that my little baggy of cash had fallen out somewhere between the Hayman Fisheries and here.  I excused myself and retraced my steps finding my £15 about ¼ – ½ mile away…pheww.  On my return I was just a few steps too slow to get ahead of some indecisive yuppie scumbags…motherfuckers acted like they had never been to a bar before: there’s plenty of time to socialise after you get your drinks order in.  Then, they and the two guys ahead of them diffused across the entire beer garden taking up space that should have suited three times the population.  Assholes.

I don’t know when this place changed names but I don’t see any noticeable superficial changes (although I haven’t been in here in donkey’s years).  The ale was a bit colder than it should have been which may have been why it tasted a bit metallic.  My link for this one (and not the former one) goes to their Facebook page which, in turn, has a link to a non-functional website…in case I haven’t steered you clear, yet.

Map here.

White House Oxford Bishop's Tipple

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