Running Week in Review, 2 August 2015   2 comments

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2015-08-02 run week chart

Started to taper for the big Bank Holiday runs, and was also swamped at work so this will be an unusually utilitarian synopsis.  One chippy and one pub on the week with the following daily efforts:

Monday 5.0 miles (commuter run, Swindon)
Tuesday 7.9 (commuter run, to Oxford)
Wednesday 7.2 (commuter run, from Oxford)
Thursday 7.5 (alternate commuter run, to Oxford)
Friday 4.9 (Fish & Chips & Beer lunch loop)
Saturday 11.1 (1½ hour meander thru Swindon listening to podcasts)
Sunday 6.4 (Brimble Hill out-and-back with Overtown loop)

Week net: 50 miles
Total for July: 303.4 miles
Year to date: 1553 miles

2015-08-02 week of oxford runs map

The only really interesting run in Oxford was the alternate Besselsleigh to work commute, a beautiful morning trot along some relatively deserted paths and roads (until the tourist hell that is summertime Oxford emerged at the end).  The city is frustrating to run in at the best of times and I almost long for the return of late sunrises, cold, and rain of winter.  Oxford accounted for 27.5 miles this week although, technically, most of that was out of town.

2015-08-02 week of swindon runs map

The 22.5 miles in Swindon were likewise (no pun intended) pedestrian.  It was just a means of making some miles and listening to the backlog of Radio 4 comedy show podcasts.  Apologies for the dull post…maybe next week will be better (and burning up remaining vacation days starting the week after that).



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