Red Lion, Long Compton, Warwickshire   1 comment

Red Lion Long Compton sign

The long run today (I barely consider anything under 20 miles long any more but this was the peak of the week) took me to the Red Lion in Long Compton, a rare dip — albeit barely — into Warwickshire.  I don’t know enough about the area to really judge but the village, middle class though it is, probably doesn’t support the pub as much as it needs to stay afloat.  The house is quite unapologetically posh and I just don’t see the crowds flooding in, despite it being the only game for miles.

Red Lion Long Compton beer

But, it’s not just posh, it is very nice; however, it seems built more for the comfort of folks that can tell you how long Stilton has been aged and whether the cave was chalk or karst.  This is a very Frasier Crane vision of an English country pub (first day of the footie season? dart board? the Ashes coming home?  fuck all, but I bet the Scotch eggs are quail).

Red Lion Long Compton lounge

And yet, I want to like the place.  No one acknowledged that I brought my glass back and I got a blank stare when I set it on the bar and said, “thank you.”  If they are out of business in 6 months that will be why.  If not, it’s because tourists will take whatever you shove up their asses (but it will be the tourists that keep it afloat…endless…fucking…tourists).

Here’s a map link.

Red Lion Long Compton


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