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2015-08-09 run chart


With the mileage falling off a bit this week I indulged the inner artist, confronted my phobia of midgets, and splattered my second 2222nd hash trail of the year.  Things are going quite well in the wind down to the end of the August.

The “See Dick Run” on Tuesday was better as an idea than an execution and I initially thought I should at least perfect the cock picture before moving on to the more Georgia O’Keefe-esque renderings I had in mind lest I get accused of misogyny for drawing deformed looking cooters (see Thursday).  I used the same canvas as the likewise unsuccessful ‘Bunny’ signature, but with even less success.

2015-08-04 University Parks dick pic


Wednesday found me racing (unsuccessfully) the rain and Sainsbury’s closing time on a 6 mile planned run from the Wiltshire Constabulary bus stop.  Thursday saw me explore some tracks and trails south of Botley Road before heading back over to the University Parks to have a go at drawing some GPS lady bits:

2015-08-06cooter run


I think the resolution of the GPS failed me at the southeast goal line (on the Google Earth rendering, but not currently on the field).  I was being fairly careful about the outline of the ‘little man in a boat’ or, as I guess we should rename it here, ‘the goaltender.’  I’ll try again, next week, just doing a grid using the trees to see if the resolution is too little and thus a larger canvas might be necessary.  Still, this Rorschach rendering of the front bottom is what it is.

Two 2 hour runs were on the slate for Saturday and Sunday but we another thing scheduled for Sunday so I pushed these ahead a day.  For Friday, I exploited the Freudian groove (or rut) that had developed the previous few days to explore some of the darker corners of my psyche.  Many if not most people who’ve had excessive drinks or drugs with me — no small list, that — will be aware that midgets give me the willies.  I don’t know where it started and it doesn’t affect me having friendships with little people or anything like that.  But, if I spot a dwarf across a car park or in a bar or somewhere I am not expected to interact with them I find myself involuntarily shuddering.  The last several years on my birthday, a close friend from elementary school sends related comedy clips like the Doug Stanhope “fucking a midget” or “midget-on-midget porn” bits.

So, it was destiny that on the week I spent jogging obscene doodles around the parks of 1200 year old institute of higher education the two pub names that jumped out at me were the Spread Eagle and the Midget, both in Abingdon and both approachable, in that order, from Oxford via a beautiful riverside trail (and only a few miles away from a bus stop on my route home, although a brief stop at the White Horse convinced me I was already done for the day):

2015-08-07 Spread Eagle Midget run map

Spread Eagle Midget run


Saturday’s  course had been on the calendar for ages (ever since the tutu-themed Cheltenham and Cotswold H3 hash trail showed up on the Oxford H3 calendar).  As soon as the dates and location were confirmed, I booked advanced rail tickets for Moreton-In-Marsh (5 quid each way, First Class) and figured out where I could get morning pub service close to where the trail damage would be done.  The G-Had H3 report will give alternative details, but the essence is the trail was due to start at 11 and the Red Lion at Long Compton opens at 10 (bar at 11) a few footpaths away (but a couple miles) from the hash bar. The run itself was hilly and rural and a complete delight in the sun and heat and (for a change) calm winds.

2015-08-08 Tutu 2222 G-Had 2




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