Spread Eagle, Abingdon, Oxfordshire   3 comments

Spread Eagle Abingdon sign

The first and longest leg of the run from Oxford to Abingdon was over when I spotted my prey or, rather, bird of prey.  The Spread Eagle loomed large stretching down the street ahead; but, on entering I wasn’t able to explore the cavernous house instead getting sucked into a repetitive — yet varied — conversation with a regular at the bar.

One of the things I like about Abingdon is the way I’ve never met anyone sober there.  Fair enough, I only meet them inside bars but I’ve been to bars there that open at 10 am and people arrive sloshed.  The Chatty Cathy I found myself tethered to is a butcher and has been so for 40 years.  He used to run to Oxford (or has done several times) to work in the Covered Market but now works across the road here at the Co-Op which is now a Budgens and it used to have a small abattoir ’round back before he had a car wreck in front of the Randolph Hotel which had a fire a few weeks ago but is nearly repaired and where he was nearly killed by the bollard that stopped his car but he hasn’t driven since that day, don’t need to what with the buses and all, “do you know where that is?” then, after a couple of breaths and a sip of cider he almost let me finish saying, “yes,” then continued.

As I left, I realised there were a dozen or so other drinkers within eye- and ear-shot.  I didn’t linger long enough to tell if their gazes belied suspicion, pity, or gratitude.  Probably more like dread: I had gotten this guy started and it may be weeks before he stopped.

Map link here.

Spread Eagle Abingdon



Posted August 8, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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