Three Stags, Lambeth, London   1 comment

Three Stags Lambeth

Having hit the Coal Hole (not a euphemism) before the Imperial War Museum we decided to decompress after the Holocaust exhibit at another pub with a Chaplin connection: the Three Stags. It was right across the park from the museum so it would have been rude not to.

The story goes that young Charlie, estranged from his father as was the rest of his family, was walking past the Stags and on a whim poked his head in and saw his dad drinking in the corner and waving him over. His dad more-or-less drank himself to death (and at the prices here, now, he would have drunk the family into the poorhouse were they not already there).

On a hot day with a light breeze, can anything be better than sprawling across a picnic table bench with some overpriced drinks and watching the traffic separate you from a nearby park?  Here’s the map link.

Three Stags Lambeth Chaplin's Corner

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